Virtual Workshop

Barb Biagioli CHC & Amanda Blount CHC

Eating for Exercise

Have you set a goal for 2020? Is your goal to eat better? Exercise more? There is SO MUCH information about which diet is best, how much cardio you should do, do this/not that, it can be seriously confusing....In collaboration with Barb Biagioli CHC and Her Strength Studio, we are presenting a virtual workshop for women beginning February 19th at 5:30pm Eastern where we will help you figure it out. From the myths behind calorie counting to planning for sustainable eating we are here to answer your questions. Click "learn more" and then "workshops" for pricing and a link to the event! 

Virtual Coaching

Distance is No Issue

Via phone and video chat, virtual coaching erases the distance between you,and a coach who wants to see you succeed. Geography is no longer a reason to not have access to high quality, science driven guidance towards the life you want to build. Set up a phone consultation today to discuss my programs and how I can help you achieve your goals.  Click the link to schedule and let's get started.

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