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Amanda worked with me to help with a general meal plan. It was helpful and beneficial to know how I should structure my meals throughout the day and what foods/supplements to stay away from and what to look for on the Nutritional Facts. I always use her advice as a general rule of thumb now - although I’m not the best at sticking to it, I’m working to become better at it every day.

-Nedine Yagan

I have the luxury of being Amanda’s husband and having access to her knowledge on a daily basis. She’s written a variety of menus for me over the last few years, from weight loss menus that helped me meet my goal of losing close to 70lbs for our wedding, to muscle building menus that helped me put on a little more muscle. She has a great attention to detail and tailors her recommendations to take into account your likes and dislikes while ensuring it will help you meet your goal. I highly recommend Total Wellness with Amanda and I’m confident she’ll be able to help you reach your goal too!

-Christian Blount

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-Total Wellness with Amanda

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